Welcome to Vik’s Busy Corner where we people watch, trend spot, and think critically in the crowded creative space.

The vibe is sitting at cafe table on the corner of a busy street. As crowds rush by, you pick up on what they are wearing, carrying, where they are going. Certain people, products and places stand out, others blend into trends. You overhear chatter and gossip at the cafe and catch a glimpse of a work email on someone’s laptop screen.

The promise is be more than another online/culture trend newsletter. I want to figure out how creatives and brands can find and develop their own voice in the world where everyone wants attention and everyone loves a trend.

The writer is me, Viktoriia. Besides writing this newsletter, I also work in marketing and comms on projects that span from copywriting to multi-channel brand campaigns. Get in touch or learn more about me here.

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